Good color match inflatable slides

In order to widen the gap with the traditional sense of the toys. inflatable slides’s packaging design use a large number of dark lines of color, overly bright colors and coordinating not only enable consumers to produce children's toys impression, but also does not meet the young people's aesthetic taste, texture and appearance characteristics of glass bottles, cans, bag packaging forms these sounds little to do with toys.

Advantages and disadvantages of different materials kiddie rides

The advantages and disadvantages of different materials kiddie rides actually is not the same, therefore, to understand the characteristics of the advantages and disadvantages of kiddie rides, we need to understand kiddie rides specific material. Here, I come to tell you about the specific advantages and disadvantages of different materials kiddie rides:

Avantages et inconvénients des différents manèges forain de matériaux

Les avantages et les inconvénients des différents manèges forain de matériaux est en fait pas la même chose, donc, de comprendre les caractéristiques des avantages et inconvénients des manèges forain, nous devons comprendre manèges forain matériel spécifique. Ici, je viens vous dire sur les avantages et les inconvénients des différents manèges forain de matériaux spécifiques:

Manege Forain A Vendre
Mechanical amusement rides installation and removal problems

When we walk into playground,what we see the most is the mechanical amusement rides, this kind of amusement rides due to difficult to move, we will see those devices perennial little change. But why businessmen like to do mechanical amusement device, the first light from the life of it this is a big advantage, because the product material reasons, but also up and running relatively exciting, won the majority of young people like, so in the playground Inside has a place also makes sense. With the development in recent years, of course, the type of mechanical amusement rides is constantly increasing, so a lot of businesses who are overwhelmed, do not know what the selection of amusement rides. More category more choices, but also for visitors who would like to whether the product before investing in businesses are also evaluated to sit down, after the decision problem is the sale and purchase and installation, installation on top of the master will give us arrangements in place. But the problem can arise, after all, is a machine operating machinery, if the fault problems, needed technical operation, so technical staff will give us specific businesses accountable.

Service life of Luxury carousel rides

After all it will occur large or small quality problems after doing mechanical equipment business for many years.Such as cars, will often replace the engine parts to keep it running stability. Also amusement rides is no exception, including a carousel rides device all known.

Installation of children's amusement park rides transmission belt

Children's amusement park rides belts generally fixedly connected to the drive shaft of the driving wheel,fixedly connected to the driven shaft of the driven wheels and sleeve in the two rounds of the belt composed of work, by friction between the belt and pulley Kinematic and dynamic force transmitted from the driving wheel driven wheel. Compared with chain drive, belt drive advantage of children's amusement park rides are: simple structure, easy maintenance, easy to manufacture, low cost; a buffer, security role; can be used in two shaft center distance larger occasions, according to the master slave the mutual position of the steering shaft and into the open, cross, half-cross and angle drive.

Care and maintenance of Bumper car’s floor

1.Floor Maintenance:

Bumper cars floor should be cleaned by a half wet mop when open for business and the close of business.

Bumper Cars For Sale

2. 2-3 months dragged once with diesel fuel or kerosene. The main purpose is decontamination and rust.

3. Bumper cars should be checked before each boot a ground, does not allow any metal and debris. The main purpose is to prevent burn control cabinet.

4. Daily do inspections of bumper cars floor surrounding,to ensure the top wire all tightened

Coin operated carousel

On the market there are more and more coin operated items.Which is popular around the world recently is coin-operated carousel device, and is mainly luxury ones.We can see them in the indoor playground and children's entertainment zone.This small coin carousel because of its small footprint, easy to operate and run by domestic amusement industry recognition. Although it is small but it can give us huge long-term benefits, so many operators in the investment indoor playground will choose this three carousel. At present

Freight of bumper car

With the rapid development of bumper car business, more and more manufacturers have begun to get involved in this industry, especially in the recent online purchase process and some businesses were scattered parts assembled on the market, and then pretending to be my factory outlets or misappropriation Images for ultra low price sale, can not guarantee the quality and after-sale machines after customer purchases, resulting in a great loss.

Kiddie rides release children's innocence

Kiddie rides embodied not only personalized products, but also reflects the personalized service, it is this personalized products and personalized service, Kiddie rides to narrow the distance between customers, has been Parents recognized in the world of children's toys enjoy the show its unique charm. Fusion cartoon Kiddie rides, children's educational theme elements, the use of advanced technology amusement release children play, learn the true nature, give the child to create an educational, playful, happy and healthy world. Let the children play school, playing in the school, the flying innocence nature, to create a happy childhood.